The Team Experience

Same Commitment. Different Context.

All the best the military has to offer—courage, conviction, loyalty, honor, camaraderie—finds its own place at U.S. Cellular®. What you’ve known there is what you’ll experience here. Clear objectives. Informed direction. Mutual commitment, and the resources necessary to achieve superior results.


We believe you’re a person of conviction. Someone with the right makeup and readily transferable skills. A person who can excel shoulder to shoulder with others who share a common purpose. We believe you’re a U.S. Cellular kind of person. Together we’re tackling the challenges and realizing all the opportunities of an industry advancing by giant leaps, not baby steps. It’s an adrenalin-rich environment, and an important one. It’s not too much to say: we are at the forefront of the way people interact and do life together. And that matters.

If you’re looking for continuity between your past and your future—without losing those key values inherent to who you are—we believe we can deliver that to you.

While I was in Iraq, U.S. Cellular matched the difference between my job pay and my Army pay. That was huge for my family—not to have to worry about a financial burden when I was activated. It was just such a blessing.

Nick, Regional Product Marketing Manager, Capt., Oklahoma Army National Guard