Experience fully charged.

Creating winning connections—it’s the essence of sales. And something we live for in a way few of our competitors do. At U.S. Cellular®, we pride ourselves on our customers’ buying experience. Because it’s all about the experience. At the same time, we know that we must take care of our associates for them to take good care of our customers. Which means empowering you to help them find what’s best for them.

As a company committed to the industry’s best wireless solutions, we provide extensive training and professional development opportunities that will ensure your short- and long-term professional goals are met. Movement up or across our organization happens routinely, providing that little extra push that will keep your energy levels high and your focus sharp.

At U.S. Cellular you will become a true knowledge expert, a go-to person for customers and potential customers alike. You will be encouraged to find new and better ways for our business and your career. You will be asked to share insights, steer strategy, and make positive impacts that build loyalty, clarity, and trust. So bring us your “A-game”, your energy, and self-motivation. Be excited about what your future holds and experience fully charged.

For deeper insights into our various sales channels, learn more below.

Retail Sales

Step into a high-energy, professional sales environment where the technology is first-class, the training is top-shelf, and each customer represents something invaluable: the first phase of a powerful relationship. Step up to the challenge. And set forth on the path to a future of your own choosing, as you find your place within our retail store setting. Each location holds the promise of a new day, a fresh set of loyal customers, and an innovative array of solutions that only you and your team are qualified to provide.


  • Retail Wireless Consultant
  • Sales Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Area Sales Manager

Business Channel

Maximize our significant corporate resources and your considerable talent to drive mutual success. Play a vital role within our Business Channel—a powerful business-to-business sales unit that provides other companies of all sizes with superior communications products and services. This is your opportunity to target clearly defined segments of the business marketplace with effective, innovative solutions. Stay on top of the latest solutions for our business customers. Build relationships with the local community. Work a business funnel to turn prospects into loyal clients. And turn your passion into a satisfying career as you take up intriguing challenges.


  • Operations Sales Manager
  • Business Sales Executive (BSE)
  • Business Account Manager (BAM)
  • Business Development Manager (BDM)

National Retail

Realize the enormous potential of strong relationships. Connect our unique products and services to people throughout the country. Apply your talents to our National Retail Sales Channel, and extend the U.S. Cellular brand and reputation for excellence into new markets, including popular, big-box national retailers, and other well-known and respected chains. This is your opportunity to help us reach new and existing customer segments where they choose to shop. Generate growth for U.S. Cellular. And ensure that we sustain and expand our business through existing national retailers, while gaining distribution and rapid growth within new national retail organizations.


  • National Account Manager
  • National Retail Area Sales Manager
  • National Retail Sales Representative

Agent Channel

Explore your true potential. Expand your possibilities. And discover the full extent of your professional upside, within the world of Agent Channel Sales. Partnering with a wide variety of independent, authorized resellers, you can elevate our brand and deliver superior business results to our customers with innovation, collaboration, and education. Extend our name awareness and success through strong, positive customer relationships.


  • Agent Area Sales Manager
  • Agent Distribution Sales Support Specialist
  • Agent Sales and Development Manager

My advancement through the organization has been my proudest accomplishment. I began as a Cashier/Greeter, and have had the privilege to progress to my current role as a Director of Sales. Throughout my career, I have served in three of our four channels of the business. During every step of my journey, U.S. Cellular has empowered me to own my development. Don’t miss your opportunity to join this Dynamic Organization.

Jeremy T., Corporate-Owned Director of Sales