What We Are Looking For

Incubating Ideas

Those who can:

  • Thrive in an environment of cross-functional collaboration.
  • Rise to the challenge and apply unique perspectives to rapidly-evolving industry dynamics.
  • Appreciate the value of diverse perspectives and work toward a common goal.
  • See the bigger picture, where giving back is as important as taking in.

Relationship Building

U.S. Cellular® maintains one of the industry's highest levels of customer satisfaction. Each U.S. Cellular associate recognizes the importance of building relationships—connecting associate to associate, associates to customers, and customers to one another. Can you create winning connections?


We hold each of our leaders to the highest performance standards. They are responsible for guiding and directing, identifying ability and ensuring continuous growth in our associates. At the same time, we expect new associates to take full advantage of the years of industry acumen our leaders have accrued. Are you teachable?


The wireless world is continually evolving—an evolution not measured in years, but in months and sometimes weeks. It requires keen insight to anticipate the next challenge and area of opportunity. It demands the “what if” question from those capable and willing to ask it. Can you transform raw talent into actionable solutions?

When I come to work, I am inspired by all the passionate people around me. Employees at U.S. Cellular are enthusiastic about what they do, which makes all the difference.

Jenny, Quality & Process Improvement Intern, University of Illinois