Internships and More

Embrace the Process.

U.S. Cellular® invests heavily in its internship program because we know it’s instrumental in preparing promising minds for a future filled with creative potential. Over the years, we have honed our processes to ensure the best possible work experience for matriculating students. This means real work under real supervision with real challenges and opportunities.

U.S. Cellular Summer Internship Program

Every year, college students from across the country participate in our Summer Internship Program. During this 9-week immersive experience, they develop deep skills in their chosen fields while gaining a robust appreciation for disciplines outside their areas of focus. They network through internal social platforms to share experiences with other interns, ask questions, and receive ongoing instruction from assigned managers and senior leaders. They work and play hard … together.

Preparing for Your Internship at U.S. Cellular

Below are several suggestions to help you get the most from your internship experience at U.S. Cellular:

  1. Learn all you can about us up front
  2. Determine what you hope to achieve for your career development short-term, with an eye to the long-term—what skills and competencies need enhancement and what questions need answers? (make a list)
  3. Identify how you’d like to develop as a person (make a list and evaluate your progress)
  4. If possible, talk with fellow college students who have participated in a U.S. Cellular internship—learn what to expect of the experience and determine personal fit
  5. Share your goals and aspirations with your assigned leader and benchmark your progress together

With a focus firmly on the customer, the company inspires me to think beyond revenues and believe in building long-lasting relationships that will produce long-term results.

Aditya, Marketing Intern, University of Chicago Booth School of Business