How Will You Contribute

Putting It In Context

Contributions are made in countless ways. From a well-placed smile in one of our stores to our next mind-bending network roll-out, the better question is, “How won’t you contribute?” Careers at U.S. Cellular® mean many things to many associates—empowerment, professional growth, on-point leadership—but where we all agree is that everyone has a critical part to play and that we’d be collectively lesser if anyone should believe otherwise.

This principle is so important to us because many of our best ideas come from “unlikely” sources. One person seeing a better way from a vantage point no one else enjoys. So we bring teams together and rally against siloed thinking. We ask informed questions and debate. And when that gem of an idea arises, we cut out the bureaucracy and move the ball forward.

Expertise? Of course. But a contextual expertise that results in something bigger than itself. That’s the essence of contribution at U.S. Cellular.

This is the first time I have this feeling that I want to commit to one company for the rest of my life.

U.S. Cellular Associate, Culture Survey Results