Diversity & Inclusion

Building Up and Building Out

Diversity is a core value of our Dynamic Organization. It is who we are, and aspire to be, as a company.

When U.S. Cellular® associates come together, we create a rich tapestry of passionate and diverse associates who pridefully lead with excellence. We each bring our diverse cultures, backgrounds and talents together for a common purpose—to provide the world’s best customer experience.

Diversity creates a passionate climate of individual thought, creativity and industry-leading innovation that fully engages our associates in the business, thereby giving U.S. Cellular® a competitive advantage for continued growth. It enables us to be a best-in-class employer of choice, trusted business partner and cherished neighbor that attracts, engages and retains the best talent from around the world, as well as provide superior results for our customers and our organization.

Our mission is to passionately bring different people and perspectives together to collaborate, innovate and grow the business. We know that winning requires the efforts of our entire team, and that we must collaboratively foster a culture of inclusion where our differences are respected, valued and used to create innovative, high-performing teams. To support our diverse workforce, we have six corporate affinity network groups.  Learn more about them below:

CapAble Associate Network (CAN)

The CapAble Associate Network (CAN) is focused on providing educational and developmental resources and increasing the awareness of matters that affect people with disabilities. CANs efforts will create more inclusiveness for our associates, communities and customers.

Latino Affinity Network (LAN)

Latino Affinity Network (LAN) is dedicated to creating an environment that attracts, develops and retains associates of Latin descent, including those who are Latin American, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian. LAN will create shareholder value by facilitating interaction and communication among associates, community organizations and Latino and Hispanic customers.

Network of Black Associates (NBA)

The Network of Black Associates (NBA) is dedicated to creating an environment that attracts, develops and retains Black associates. NBA also recognizes the importance of community partnerships and will act as a resource to cultural insights that target and influence the purchasing preferences of Black customers.

USC Pride (Pride)

USC Pride (Pride) is committed to creating an inclusive environment that appreciates and values the diversity that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer associates bring to U.S. Cellular. Pride provides insight on how to best serve our LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer) associates, communities and customers.

Veteran Associates Leading Organizational Results (VALOR)

Veteran Associates Leading Organizational Results (VALOR) is dedicated to providing support, guidance and resources to associates and families associated with the military. VALOR will deliver support for active and veteran military associates and their families by facilitating a successful transition into U.S. Cellular’s culture and providing opportunities for professional growth. VALOR will provide insights that enable U.S. Cellular to recruit high-performing talent and better serve our veteran customers.

Women In Action (WIA)

Women In Action (WIA) is committed to fostering a proactive culture of development where the personal and professional advancement of women associates contributes to the reputational and financial success of U.S. Cellular and the communities we serve. WIA will connect, inspire and move high-performing women into actions that support their personal and professional goals and create value to our communities and customers.

U.S. Cellular is committed to deepening our strategic vision through an expanding network of minority-owned vendor relationships, managed internally by our Supplier Diversity Oversight team.