Corporate & Operations Support

Feel Like You’ve Had Your Coffee Before You Had Your Coffee.

Today we are building a better, stronger, more resilient U.S. Cellular®. And tomorrow we will be doing the same.

U.S. Cellular is a place where inspiration can hit at a moment’s notice, anytime, through any one, because we’re deliberate in making it possible. And because we think differently. Our accounting and finance associates are also business strategists. Our marketing associates are also entrepreneurs. Our human resource associates are also performance modelers who help drive the company forward. And on it goes. The secret is in the “also”.

We provide wide open spaces to collaborate, to understand how the various pieces fit together, and to turn that knowledge into competitive advantage. We’re business people who think like business people, regardless of role. Because it all matters.

If all this sounds refreshing, it is. Regardless of your years of accrued experience, you can continue to learn at U.S. Cellular. You’ll rub elbows with people who bring unique and diverse perspectives from areas you may know little about. But when strong minds are brought together in just the right way, sparks fly, energy is generated, and forward momentum is created. The whole process is invigorating, empowering, undeniable. It’s like you’ve had your coffee before you had your coffee.