More Than a Culture. A Feeling.

U.S. Cellular® Life

What does it feel like to be around good people doing great work? A true sense of belonging. At U.S. Cellular®, who you are and what you do will get others excited. And vice-versa. Because we share a common purpose across disciplines and interact with one another in ways that solve for “X”. Here, no associate is too far removed to make a meaningful contribution or too “small” to be heard. At U.S. Cellular, you will know how and why your contribution matters. It’s all part and parcel of a philosophy of business that’s unique to us — an approach sometimes imitated, but never duplicated. It represents our collective DNA.

We call it the Dynamic Organization. Learn more about it.

I have no doubt that you'll find all the people you work with at U.S. Cellular to be amazing. That isn't by accident, it is by design.

U.S. Cellular Associate, Culture Survey Results